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The Three Graces 2020 Silver Proof Coin

The Three Graces from the Royal Mint

'In 2021 The Three Graces proof gold and silver coins were released by the Royal Mint, continuing the Great Engravers Collection. Based on William Wyon’s 1817 masterpiece, one of the world’s most sought-after coin designs is reinterpreted for today’s collectors.'

Continuing the celebration of its greatest talents, the Royal Mint released its second edition of The Great Engravers series in February 2021 with another coin focusing on the designs of William Wyon, RA (1795-1851). Following the revival of his ‘Una and the Lion’ in 2019, this edition brought us ‘The Three Graces’, Wyon’s most recognised pattern design from 1817 (illustrated above, the 2020 silver proof; photo: The Royal Mint, 2020).

A magnificent pattern

The Three Graces Pattern Crown was originally produced in 1817 during the last years of George III’s reign (in numismatics, a ‘pattern’ is a test striking of a coin produced to trial a design, composition or size, often struck in metals other than the one proposed).

To this effect, the original coins were never circulated but maintain a high reputation today, particularly for the reverse design showing the Three Graces — classically dressed female figures grouped side-by-side. Pattern coins are attractive to collectors because of their scarcity due to limited mintage. Another draw is their innate function as a production sample that was highly likely to have been presented to and even touched by the monarch of the time. The original mintage of the Three Graces Pattern Crown was around 50, of which very few have survived. Recent auction results have demonstrated the coin’s rarity and strong and growing demand — a NGC PR65 sold for US$100,000 in 2018, and in 2019 a NGC PR64+ Cameo sold for US$170,000.

Symbolism and interpretation

‘Three Graces’ is a motif that has been used in painting, sculpture, literature and opera for more than two millennia. It derives from Greek mythology, depicting the three daughters of Zeus representing youth, beauty, nature, human creativity and fertility, together known as Graces. Wyon’s Three Graces are widely interpreted to represent England, Ireland and Scotland, symbolising the politically important union of the nations to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland on 1 January 1801.

Encircled by the legend ‘FOEDUS INVIOLABILE' (‘An Unbreakable League’), it is a peaceful scene of shared protection embodied by the Graces’ gentle and affectionate embrace. A closer inspection finds a design rich in allegorical motifs. Symbolising the nations, there is a shield with the cross of St George for England, the Irish harp, and Scotland’s national emblem, a thistle. Additionally, each of the Graces is wearing a headdress displaying the nations’ flowers — an Irish shamrock, the English rose and Scottish thistle — while the palm frond and quiver beneath the figures signify victory and the military power of the United Kingdom.

Masterful engraving

The Great Recoinage of 1816 created an opportunity for Wyon to prove his skill, following the country’s overhaul of its coinage and the need for new designs. His art and technique demonstrates the simple, clean and symmetrical elements of Neoclassicism combined with ancient Greek mythology and the celebration of the country’s historic union. His deft touch is evident here, drawing out the elegant features of each Grace in intricate detail. The result, which consolidated Wyon’s position as one of the Royal Mint’s finest-ever engravers, was a majestic design brimming with energy and optimism.

Released in February 2021, the remastered issue has retraced the mastery of Wyon’s original design. Like ‘Una and the Lion’, the Royal Mint’s modern minting techniques used dies reverse-engineered from the original, and refined by digitally removing historical blemishes to ensure the new coin displayed exceptional numismatic beauty. The coins have been polished to a high quality finish by Royal Mint craftsmen. This new series is perceived as a historically significant, highly collectible recreation of the original — a prize to be sought-after by new and seasoned investors alike.

2020 Royal Mint Three Graces gold proof coins

  • 1kg Gold Proof mintage 20
  • 5oz Gold Proof mintage 150
  • 2oz Gold Proof mintage 325

2020 Royal Mint Three Graces silver proof coins

  • 10oz Silver Proof mintage 175
  • 5oz Silver Proof mintage 510
  • 2oz Silver Proof mintage 3510


The Three Graces from The Great Engravers Collection by The Royal Mint 2020 silver proof coin designed by William Wyon, portrait bust of Elizabeth II facing right by Jody Clark on obverse

2020年スリーグレーセス、ウィリアムワイオン氏デザインの2オンス銀貨プルーフ、表側はジョディ・クラーク氏デザインのエリザベス二世女王の右向き肖像画 (Photo: The Royal Mint, 2020)





パターン硬貨は発行枚数が限定されることから稀少性があり、これによりコレクターの目を惹きつけます。また、試作硬貨として当時の君主の前に提供され、手に取られた可能性を秘めている点も魅力的です。このコインは当時50枚発行されましたが、現存しているのはわずか数枚と言われています。2018年には NGC65鑑定が約1040万円で落札、2019年にはNGC64+カメオ鑑定が1770万円で落札されるなど、昨今のオークション結果から見てもこのコインへの大きな人気が続いていることを物語っています。




三人が互いを守りあうように抱擁しているこの平和な様子の絵柄は、「FOEDUS INVIOLABILE」(「壊れない絆」)というラテン語文字で囲われ、さらに近くで見るとアレゴリーに富んだデザインの詳細が浮かび上がります。セントジョージが描かれた盾はイングランド、ハープはアイルランド、アザミはスコットランドを象徴しています。さらに、イングランドのバラ、アイルランドのシャムロック、スコットランドのアザミという風に、それぞれが髪飾りに各国の花を付けています。三人の下には英国の勝利と軍勢力のシンボルであるヤシの葉と矢筒が置かれています。





2020年ロイヤルミント スリーグレーセス金貨

  • 3kg 金貨プルーフ 発行枚数3
  • 2kg 金貨プルーフ 発行枚数9
  • 1kg 金貨プルーフ 発行枚数20
  • 5oz 金貨プルーフ 発行枚数150
  • 2oz 金貨プルーフ 発行枚数 325

2020年ロイヤルミント スリーグレーセス銀貨

  • 1kg 銀貨プルーフ
  • 2kg 銀貨プルーフ
  • 10oz 銀貨プルーフ 発行枚数175
  • 5oz 銀貨プルーフ 発行枚数 510
  • 2oz 銀貨プルーフ 発行枚数 3510