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Gold coins - a new asset for your portfolio

For millennia, gold has been held and traded around the world as the ultimate store of wealth. Today it is a unique asset class that acts as a portfolio diversifier, an enduring medium of value, and insurance as a safe haven investment. Gold coins are also highly liquid - as long as they can be traded securely, and at a low cost.

We focus on gold as an asset class, and why investing in coins can be an ideal way to amplify the merits of this precious metal. For an insight into coin prices, the direction of the market and an overview of the coins we offer, The Coin Cabinet's archive of all previous auctions can be found on our Auction Results page.


A Durable Investment

In a world of digital exchanges and cryptocurrencies, the long-standing historical and aesthetic appeal of coins is one of the reasons why sovereigns and rare coins are constantly in demand. These coins share characteristics, as well as playing different roles in an investment portfolio by offering a spectrum of risk and return.

Among the coins most valued by collectors are series of limited-edition modern proofs from the Royal Mint, alongside pre-Elizabeth II British gold sovereigns. Minted almost continually for nearly two centuries, sovereigns combine a gold play with the addition of a collectable premium. Coins with these characteristics are called semi-numismatic, and the sovereign is the world’s most widely traded and owned gold coin in this category.

Alternatively, the precious metal content of rare coins bears little relationship to their market value. Their rarity, even at relatively low grades, insulates rare coins from volatility, offering consistent returns due to relative scarcity. Non-collectable gold bullion coins broadly track the gold price, and are held for their precious metal content rather than historical or market appeal.

Gold coins remain a collectors’ market, making them a relatively difficult investment to access. We want to change that dynamic and democratise participation — whether through our auction platform or portfolio service.”

Invest with Confidence


Gold offers a hedge against volatility, instability, and depreciation.

Limited supply, growing demand

Scarcity, low mintages and central banks’ appetite for gold limits the supply of coins and bullion, enhancing its long-term value

Market access

Traded through a transparently-priced, low-cost platform, gold coins offer a unique combination of liquidity, divisibility and ease of storage

Tax-efficient investing

Investment gold is free from UK VAT, while British gold coins are also exempt from capital gains tax due to their status as legal tender


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