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2020 Music Legends Series David Bowie Gold Proof Coin

The David Bowie Collection from the Royal Mint

'The third part of the Royal Mint’s Music Legends series, The David Bowie Collection celebrates the music, film and fashion icon in limited edition gold, silver and cupro-nickel coins.'

In December 2020, the Royal Mint released the third edition of its Music Legends series,  the David Bowie Collection (illustrated above, the five-ounce £500 gold proof; photo: The Royal Mint, 2020). Commemorating the biggest names in British popular music, the first release in the series celebrated Queen, followed by Elton John. The Who Collection will follow in 2021.

A coin collection to commemorate an icon

The collection features the eccentric and extraordinary singer-songwriter and actor David Bowie. Born in 1947, he grew up in South London and studied art, music and design before becoming one of the most influential and multi-talented artists of the 20th century.

What is striking about Bowie was his ability to reinvent both his act and persona throughout his career. His first breakthrough was in 1969 with his single, Space Oddity, the year of the Apollo 11 moon landing. He performed as his alter-ego, a lost astronaut called Major Tom, crafting a sonic narrative much like a one-man musical. He later transformed into characters marking different chapters in his life, experimenting with various styles and genres as Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and the Thin White Duke.

Bowie’s theatrical musical videos showcased his sense of fashion, which suited the era of visual impact and provocation through the launch of MTV in the 1980s. Demonstrating his genius for constant change and evolution, his creativity ranged from glam rock, electronic and experimental music, to taking acting roles in more than 30 films.

Remarkably, he remained on the music scene until the end of his life, releasing his last album Black Star days before his death in 2016. The BBC’s Mark Easton said that Bowie was the creative force who changed Britain, challenging future generations ‘to aim high, to be ambitious and provocative, to take risks.’ He remains an icon today for his influence not only in pop culture but in contributing to Britain’s liberal outlook.

A daring coin for a radical artist

The Royal Mint coins, designed by Jody Clark, show on the reverse a portrait of the artist, his ‘BOWIE’ logo, lightning bolt from his Aladdin Sane era and glittering stars behind him as he sends a powerful gaze into the future. The Second Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is on the obverse.

The David Bowie Collection features gold proof coins in denominations of £1,000 (1kg), £500 (5oz, illustrated above; photo: The Royal Mint, 2020), £200 (2oz), £100 (1oz), £25 (1/4oz) and silver proof coins in denominations of £10 (5oz), £5 (2oz), £2 (1oz), £1 (1/2oz), and a brilliant uncirculated £5 (28.28g) cupro-nickel crown. The proof coins are minted using high-tech engraving machines to craft pristine surfaces with sharp design features, hand polished and inspected by Royal Mint craftsmen for the ultimate finish. It is the Royal Mint’s unsurpassed reputation for quality, as well as the exclusive association with this iconic figure, that will attract serious collectors and investors to this remarkable collection.


2020 David Bowie five-ounce £500 gold proof coin by Jody Clark, limited edition of 60 coins, portrait bust of Elizabeth II facing right by Jody Clark on obverse

2020年デビッドボウイ5オンス金貨プルーフ、表側はエリザベス二世女王肖像画、表裏共にジョディ・クラーク氏によるデザイン (Photo: The Royal Mint, 2020)


2020年12月、ロイヤルミント は英国の音楽界を代表するビッグアーティストを賞賛する「ミュージックレジェンドシリーズ」の第三弾、デビッドボウイコレクションを発表しました。本シリーズの第一弾はバンド「QUEEN」で封切られ、続いて第二弾の「エルトン・ジョン」も発売後すぐに売り切れ、大きな成功を遂げました。それらに引き続き、このコレクションにも大変な人気が集まっています。







本コレクションでは金プルーフの額面£25(1/4オンス)、£100(1オンス)、£200(2オンス)£500(5オンス)と £1000(1kg)、そして銀プルーフの額面£1(1/2オンス)、£2(1オンス)、£5(2オンス)、£10(5オンス)と£5(28.28g)の白銅貨を発行しています。