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2021 Music Legends Series The Who One Ounce Gold Proof Coin

The Who Collection from the Royal Mint

'The fourth part of the Royal Mint’s Music Legends series, The Who Collection celebrates the legendary rock ‘n’ roll band in limited edition gold, silver and cupro-nickel coins.'

In May 2021, the Royal Mint released the fourth edition of its Music Legends series, The Who Collection. Commemorating the biggest names in British popular music, the first release in the series celebrated Queen, followed by Elton John and David Bowie.

Music Legends is a celebration of iconic acts from the Britain’s contribution to rock and pop music over the past half-century, a tribute by the Royal Mint to the extraordinary figures who helped shape Britain’s contemporary culture.

The legend behind the coin

Founded in 1964, The Who is hailed as one of the most influential British rock bands of the 1960s and ‘70s, producing numerous top 10 hits like ‘I Can’t Explain’, ‘The Kids are Alright’ and ‘My Generation’ and selling more than 100 million records. The Who Collection coins — approved by the band — were designed by the artist Henry Gray, who has captured the spirit, style and iconic symbols from the band’s storied performances.

During their golden years 1964–1978, the core members of the band were lead vocal Roger Daltrey, guitarist Pete Townshend, John Entwhistle on bass, and the drummer Keith Moon. Their global tours of electrifying live performances — often involving the the onstage destruction of instruments — enthralled audiences and elevated the band to the pantheon of rock ‘n’ roll greats.

An iconic coin design

This Music Legends coin design shows a guitar-shaped pinball machine smashing into a speaker box, revealing the band’s logo. Fans will instantly recognise this pinball motif from their 1969 song ‘Pinball Wizard’, one of their most famous songs from their Rock opera, ‘Tommy’. Townshend wrote the song to appease one of the leading rock critics, a pinball enthusiast. Townshend’s efforts came to fruition as it was given a great review, and the pinball became a central theme for the new album (illustrated, the one-ounce £100 gold proof; photo: The Royal Mint, 2021).

Reflecting on his design for the coin, Henry Gray says the challenge was ‘to distil and communicate a unique narrative that makes the subject easily identifiable.’ The Who Collection coins ‘had to be instantly recognisable without actually showing the band,’ he continues.

The full range of The Who Collection coins

The 2021 coin is available in a number of editions, including gold and silver proofs alongside brilliant uncirculated editions. The weights and sizes of the coins will follow the ranges from the previous Music Legends series, issued in the following denominations:

Gold Proof

  • The Who 2021 One Kilogram Gold Proof Coin with face value £1,000
  • The Who 2021 Five Ounce Gold Proof Coin with face value £500
  • The Who 2021 Two Ounce Gold Proof Coin with face value £200
  • The Who 2021 One Ounce Gold Proof Coin with face value £100
  • The Who 2021 Quarter Ounce Gold Proof Coin with face value £25

Silver Proof

  • The Who 2021 Five Ounce Silver Proof Coin with face value £10
  • The Who 2021 Two Ounce Silver Proof Coin with face value £5
  • The Who 2021 One Ounce Silver Proof Coin with face value £2
  • The Who 2021 Half Ounce Silver Proof Coin with face value £1

 Brilliant Uncirculated

  • The Who 2021 £5 cupronickel Brilliant Uncirculated coin


2021 The Who one-ounce £100 gold proof coin designed by Henry Gray from the Music Legends series by the Royal Mint. A limited edition of 350 coins, portrait bust of Elizabeth II facing right by Jody Clark on obverse

2021年「ザ・フー」、ヘンリー・グレイ氏デザインによる1オンス金貨プルーフ、表側はジョディ・クラーク氏デザインのエリザベス二世の右向き肖像画 (Photo: The Royal Mint, 2021)





「The Kids Are Alright」、「My Generation」、「Who Are You」、「Love Reign O’er Me」などのヒット曲が次々とイギリスのトップ10に入って一躍有名になり、モントレーポップやウッドストックの音楽祭で破壊的とも言えるインパクトの強いステージで知られるようになりました。1969年にリリースされたアルバム「トミー」でロック・オペラというジャンルを確立し、その後も彼らのアルバムは次々と米国でもトップ10入りをしていきました。


ミュージックシリーズの第四弾となるこのラインは、歴代シリーズ同様の重さ・サイズで発行され、表面はロイヤルミントのデザイナー、ジョディ・クラークによるエリザベス女王の第五肖像画が使われています。裏面は、ギターの形をしたピンボールマシーンが、スピーカーを打ち破ってThe Whoのロゴを披露するデザインであり、これはタウンセンドのパフォーマンスであるギター破壊を表現しています。ピンボールは、1969年の「ピンボール・ウィザード」という楽曲に由来し、ピンボールマニアであったロック評論家から良い評価を得るためにエントウィッスルが意図的にこれをモチーフにしたという裏話があります。その甲斐あって良いレビューが取れ、晴れてヒットしたのだそうです。この絵柄を作成するにあたり、ヘンリーグレイ氏は「バンドを描かずに絵の見た目で彼らと分かる」デザインを目指し、「すぐに認識して貰えるユニークな要素を含んだ材料」を捉えることがチャレンジだったと明かしました。




  • The Who 2021  1キロ金貨プルーフ 額面1000ポンド
  • The Who 2021  5オンス金貨プルーフ 額面500ポンド 
  • The Who 2021  2オンス金貨プルーフ 額面200ポンド
  • The Who 2021  1オンス金貨プルーフ 額面100ポンド
  • The Who 2021  ¼オンス金貨プルーフ 額面25ポンド


  • The Who 2021  5オンス銀貨プルーフ 額面10ポンド
  • The Who 2021  2オンス銀貨プルーフ 額面5ポンド
  • The Who 2021  1オンス銀貨プルーフ 額面2ポンド
  • The Who 2021  1/2オンス銀貨プルーフ 額面1ポンド


  • The Who 2021 28.28g白銅貨ブリリアント仕上げ 額面5ポンド