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Introducing the Coin Value Index (CVI)

'We have launched the CVI in our Premium auction to celebrate the milestone of reaching 100 public auctions. Not all coins in the auction have a CVI value. Read on to understand why and also what the CVI is in the first place.'

What is the CVI?

The Coin Value Index is an index we have developed to assist collectors, investors and traders with making informed decisions around valuations of British gold coins for buying and selling purposes.

The Coin Cabinet has become the ‘Gold Standard’ for pricing and valuation of British gold coins, especially gold sovereigns. The volume of coins and the regularity of our monthly and premium auctions have given us a unique opportunity to develop a system that automatically tracks the value of coins. 

How do we calculate the CVI?

  1. Granularity. We look at every coin in every grade separately. For example, an 1863 sovereign with Roman I is a different coin to an 1863 sovereign without die number. When it comes to British and Commonwealth sovereigns, our database is superior even to PCGS or NGC. Grades are also tracked separately.

  2. Collectible Premium. We strip out the bullion value (BV) from the total auction sales price (hammer +premium not including VAT), leaving us with the collectible premium (CP).

  3. Time weighting. CP values are weighted according to how recent the sale is. The more recent sales, the higher weighting.

Confidence rating

We are developing a confidence rating along with every CVI value which is based on the number of data points and how long ago they happened. At this point, we don’t display the confidence rating and only show the CVI where we have had at least 3 sales in the last 12 months.

Further development

We will keep improving the CVI to enable us to offer our clients better predictions based on trends, similar coins, etc. I will keep you updated as we release these improvements. Keep an eye out for our emails!

On a mission…

The CVI represents a huge step towards a more transparent coin market and I hope it will contribute towards an improved coin buying experience. Only when there are transparent and trustable pricing tools will the non-numismatic investor enter the market. This is my personal mission–to enable anyone, anywhere to buy coins with confidence and take advantage of this amazing investment asset and piece of historic treasure.

I would love to hear your feedback and comments about the CVI. Please email me directly or get in touch with the team on 020 3808 5855 to schedule a time to talk.

Andreas Afeldt

Andreas Afeldt
CEO, The Coin Cabinet