The Coin Cabinet offers a simple, transparent platform for investing in gold at market value. Read our step-by-step guide to registering and bidding in our online-only auctions.

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To create an account, we require your name and email address, in addition to acceptance of our terms & conditions. With your new account, you can:

  • Access your order history
  • Register for auctions
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Register to bid in an upcoming auction

  1. Please create an account before proceeding with your registration to bid.
  2. Ensure that you are logged in to your account.
  3. Click on ‘Register to bid’ or ‘Bid now’ (every lot will also have a ‘bid’ button, which will take you to the same bidder registration form).
  4. Enter your full contact details, noting that we may get in touch you to verify the information, including bank references. We personally approve all bids, generally within 24 hours. To ensure timely registration, please do so well in advance of an auction.
  5. For security purposes, all bidders must reregister for each auction. Once your details have been saved to your account, subsequent bidding applications will be fast-tracked for approval. You will receive an email confirming that you have been approved to bid, including a paddle number for the auction.
  6. Log in to your account.

Placing bids before the auction (pre-bid)

Absentee bids can be placed as soon as an auction opens, which is announced by email. Bids placed during this period are called pre-bids. If you are outbid, you will receive notification via email and/or within the app.

Bidding in a live auction

Before the auction, review the lot descriptions. If this is you first time bidding, please familiarise yourself with the lot descriptions and bidding increments. Please note that each lot is allocated 10 seconds bidding, with fair warning at five seconds.

Understanding lot descriptions
Read more about the list of terms used here in the glossary.

GREAT BRITAIN. George III, 1760-1824 
Country, regnal years of monarch
Sovereign, 1820. London. Open 2  
Value and denomination, date. Mint. Variety
Laureate head right; date below, with open 2; GEORGIUS III D:G: BRITANNIAR: REX F:D:. / St George slaying the dragon right within Garter; HONI · SOIT · QUI · MAL · Y · PENSE     
Design description and type   
Good extremely fine and lustrous
We use the International grading scale for raw (ungraded/not encapsulated) coins; the Sheldon grading scale for third-party graded coins (see NGC and PCGS)
Reference: Fr-371; KM-674; Marsh-4; S-3785C
Reference works where the coin is described. This lot description includes: Friedberg (‘Gold Coins of the World’); Krause & Mishler (‘Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins’); Marsh (The Gold Sovereign); Spink (Coins of England and the United Kingdom). Note: for Australian sovereigns we use McDonald (‘The Pocket Guide to Australian Coins and Banknotes’) 
Mintage: 2,101,994.
The number of coins of a particular date struck at a given mint during a specific year
Diameter: 22.05 mm. 
Metric measurement
Weight: 7.9881 g.  
Metric weight
Composition: 916/1000 Gold 
916/1000 = 91.66% = 22 carat. Note: sovereign issues (including ½ sovereigns, £2 and £5) are struck in rose gold, the remaining 8.33% primarily a copper alloy. This is because gold is inherently a soft metal and using an alloy with a harder metal such as copper makes the coins more durable. 

Please refer to the glossary of coin terms for more information about the terms and reference works used in lot descriptions. 

Bid increments

Our auction system uses predetermined bidding increments and does not accept uneven bids. (For example, a £730 bid isn’t permitted, and would be rounded down to the nearest even increment, £725.) The bidding increments are as follows:

  • £1—20 bid step = £1
  • £20—50 bid step = £2
  • £50—200 bid step = £5
  • £200—500 bid step = £10
  • £500—1,000 bid step = £25
  • £1000—2,000 bid step = £50
  • £2,000—5,000 bid step = £100
  • £5,000—10,000 bid step = £250
  • £10,000—20,000 bid step = £500
  • £20,000—50,000 bid step = £1,000
  • £50,000—100,000 bid step = £2,500
  • £100,000 and up bid step = £5,000


Your bid activity and bid results will be available in real time, while finalised results will appear once the auction has ended. If any of your bids are successful, your invoice will be emailed after the auction.

Update your app

To ensure that the app is up-to-date, please enable ‘background app refresh’ in your phone settings, or regularly check for the latest version on the App Store and Google Play.

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