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Auction 70 Part I HIGHLIGHT

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Lot 5: 1669 Gold 5 Guineas NGC VF Details #6266701-001 (AGW=1.2310 oz.)

ENGLAND. Charles II, 1660-85.
Gold 5 guineas, 1669. NULL.
First laureate bust of Charles II with pointed truncation facing right, surrounded by Latin legend CAROLVS·II· DEI· GRATIA· and a toothed border. / Crowned cruciform shields showing the coat-of-arms of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, around four interlocked C's monogram, sceptres in angles, surrounded by abbreviated Latin legend MAG· BR·FRA· ET·HIB· REX·16 64·. Edge shows regnal year in Roman words.
In secure plastic holder, graded NGC VF Details, certification number 6266701-001.

Lot 22: 1918 P Gold Half-Sovereign Single Finest NGC MS 63+ #6133257-005 (AGW=0.1176 oz.)

AUSTRALIA. George V, 1910--36.
Gold half-sovereign, 1918 P. Perth.
Bare head left, with B.M. on truncation; GEORGIVS V D.G. BRITT: OMN: F.D. IND: IMP:. / St George on horseback slaying the dragon right; mintmark P in groundline; date and B.P. in exergue. Edge milled.
In secure plastic holder, graded NGC MS 63+, certification number 6133257-005.

Lot 30: 1819 Silver Crown LIX on edge NGC MS 65 #6058405-006

UNITED KINGDOM. George III, 1760-1820.
Silver crown, 1819. Royal Mint. LIX on edge.
Laureate head right; PISTRUCCI and date below; around GEORGIVS III D : G : BRITANNIARUM REX F: D:. Design by Benedetto Pistrucci. / St. George, wearing a helmet and cape and holding a sword, on horseback charging to right attacking a dragon lying below the horse with a broken lance in its side; PISTRUCCI in exergue; Garter with motto HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE around. Design by Benedetto Pistrucci. Edge inscribed (raised lettering); DECUS ET TUTAMEN. ANNO REGNI LIX.
In secure plastic holder, graded NGC MS 65, certification number 6058405-006.

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