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US & World Coins

Lot 134: United States 1924 Gold 20 Dollars Saint-Gaudens; Double Eagle PCGS MS65 #38822340 (AGW=0.9674 oz.)

Gold 20 dollars, 1924. Philadelphia.
Liberty standing holding a torch and olive branch; the Capitol building at her feet; margin of stars around rim. Date and inscription 'LIBERTY' / Eagle flying over rays of the sun; inscription top 'UNITED STATES OF AMERICA TWENTY DOLLARS'; motto below: 'In God We Trust'. Edge inscribed with incuse lettering: E PLURIBUS UNUM.
In secure plastic holder, graded PCGS MS65 , certification number 38822340.

Lot 81: Saudi Arabia Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman 1370H Gold 1 Gunayh NGC MS 66 #6134827-002 (AGW=0.2355 oz.)

SAUDI ARABIA. Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman, 1921-1953.
Gold 1 gunayh, 1370H.
Arabic script in two concentric circles, crossed swords and palm trees. Translates to: King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 'Abd al-'Aziz bin 'Abd al-Rahman bin Faisal Al Sa'ud / Arabic script in two concentric circles, palm trees. Translates to: 'One Saudi Arabian Pound Struck in the Holy City of Mekka 1370 1'
In secure plastic holder, graded NGC MS 66, certification number 6134827-002.

Lot 14: Colombia Charles IV 1806 P-JF Gold 8 Escudos About extremely fine (AGW=0.7616 oz.)

Gold 8 escudos, 1806 P-JF. Popayan mint.
Bust of Charles IV facing right; CAROL•IIII•D•G• HISP•ET IND•R•1806•; Crowned coat of arms, denomination flanking in middle, mint and maker marks below; IN•UTROQ•FELIX• •AUSPICE•DEO. Edge milled.
Scattered contact marks, about extremely fine.

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