Andreas Afeldt
Founder and
Managing Director

Andreas has been trading coins most of his life. When he was five his grandfather gave him a bucket of silver coins, sparking a sense of entrepreneurship and interest in money. Today, the same principles applied in his early collecting remain at the heart of The Coin Cabinet approach — a focus on rarity, historical resonance and quality. Launched in 2012, the idea for the company came from a frustration with the high cost of market access for coin traders, particularly the complex fees charged by traditional auction houses and dealers. He also wants to demystify trading — not just for new collectors but seasoned investors — with an accessible auction platform and transparent pricing. A passion for numismatics complements his fascination with history, and the conviction that remarkable events of the past illuminate current and future trends. Ultimately he’s a believer in gold — as a real asset hedge against currency fluctuations, inflation and political instability — a lesson implicit in his grandfather’s gift, an artefact from a time when coins had intrinsic value.

Tom Pelc
Investment Director

Tom is a habitual collector. During his three-decade career in investment banking and hedge funds he has led a parallel life as a qualified silversmith and antiques dealer in Portobello Road, Camden Passage and Grays. Bringing together his financial expertise with a deep knowledge of coins and the world of collecting, he’s a bridge between The Coin Cabinet’s diversified and portfolio investors and classical numismatists. Equally comfortable discussing investment strategies and macroeconomics with a fund manager as a themed series of rare dates with a client buying their first sovereign, his investment narrative is built on a view that gold remains undervalued as a real asset and store of wealth offering diversified exposure in uncertain times. It might be a well-established narrative, but a long view of history continues to inform his decision-making in today’s world of fiat money and cryptocurrencies — and he’s looking for the opportunities presented by future possibilities, not just short-term probabilities.

Claire Moryan
Operations and Sales Associate

Studying Ancient Greek numismatics as part of a Classical Archaeology degree at the University of Oxford, a silver coin caught Claire’s attention. The Athenian ‘owl’ tetradrachm, stamped with the patron goddess of Athens and owl of Athena, were ubiquitous throughout the Mediterranean and Asia Minor for centuries, demonstrating the trading, cultural and military might of the Greek city-state. She sees a historical thread running through Athenian currency to the British and Commonwealth coins offered by The Coin Cabinet today — in particular the 19th- and early 20th-century British sovereigns that were minted and exchanged throughout the empire, much like the ‘owls’ two millennia before. Following another master’s degree at University College London she worked in client strategy at Christie’s, and now works closely with clients at The Coin Cabinet, fielding auction enquiries and discussing consignments. She enjoys seeing clients’ excitement build in the lead-up to the Sunday auctions, and using her classical languages to read the legends on coins being catalogued for sale.

Megumi Morgan
Business Manager, Japan

Megumi began her career in equity derivatives at Lehman Brothers in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Following this, she established and later sold a real estate business in Hong Kong, and co-authored a book of short stories in Bahrain, the culmination of a lifelong passion for writing. Megumi arrived in London in 2020 and joined The Coin Cabinet, where she is focused on building relationships and driving new business with the company’s growing number of Japanese collectors and investors, in addition to developing Japanese-language content. She enjoys seeing clients achieve financial gains while experiencing the pleasure of owning objects of real historical value, and relishes the opportunity to draw out the rich stories behind the coins as they pass to new owners and begin new chapters in their history.

Benjamin Berry

After graduating in Classics and German at the University of Oxford, Benjamin worked as a translator at Grisebach, an auction house in Berlin specialising in works by German Impressionist and Expressionist artists, and in the chairman’s office at Christie’s, London. He also worked as a research assistant at the Rothschild Foundation’s Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, a treasure house of fine and decorative arts especially from France’s Ancien Régime. It was at Waddesdon that he first became interested in the historical aspect of coins, curating displays of ancient and Georgian coinage for National Trust visitors. His passion for research and history continues at The Coin Cabinet, where he enjoys researching, cataloguing and photographing coins for upcoming auctions. Alongside this, he oversees auction logistics managing the shipping of purchases to customers and graders.

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